Short, solid, and fast. The Hustle is made for shredding moutains!
It’s a downhill free-ride machine with a freestyle attitude.

With deep wheel flares in combination with wheelwells you can throw
on your biggest wheels and still have enough space for locking your foot
in position for massive high-speed slides. The micro drop and the radial
concave in combination with a slightly w-concave in the back allow plenty
of board control. Finished your run? Keep it going by putting the single
kicktail to good use and pop some ollies or hit some curbs.

Lenght: 91 cm | 35.8″
Width: 24 cm | 9.45″
Long wheelbase: 64 cm | 25.2″
Short wheelbase: 60 cm | 23.6″

Hustle | Rainbow Collection

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