The Naturgeister Collection was desgined by Richard Göpel who is also known as Capstan Desgin. Richard studied grafic design in a town close by to Leipzig. He stepped into the Shredderei for the first time 5 years ago and we knew already then that one day we were gonna make something together. He created his Naturgeister (natural spirits) with the different characters of each shape in mind.

Like the real Kizomba dance, which is a combination of dance styles, our Kizomba boards are a combination of freestyle and freeriding with a bit of dancing.

We enlarged the boards dance floor by adding a second wheelbase which gives smaller riders a better free ride experience. This freestyle-beast also features wheel-flares for more wheel-clearance.


A smooth concave in the kicks grants you more control for manuals and g-turns.
Grab the Kizomba, bomb the Kiez!

Royal BS-Core
Our Royal BS-Core(s) stand unmatched in flex response, eco-friendly construction, preservation and more. Our recipe consisting of three layers vertically laminated bamboo, two layers of triax-basalt fibres, carbon stringers, NON-SCRATCHABLE full deck top and bottom graphic sealed in an ultra strong Epoxy resin. We’re blow away with our Royal BS-core and the feeling it delivers to our ride. Give it a chance to free your body and soul.

Kizomba | Naturgeister Collection

165,00 € Standardpreis
140,25 €Sonderpreis

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