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At Bastl Boards our mantra is quite simple: Have fun skating.We think that no rider should have their skate progress hindered by their deck, which is why we absolutely take a quality over quantity philosophy to our production.

With three different collections to choose from we supply riders of all styles, skill sets, and attitudes. Together with our team riders who are located all over the world we're constantly working on new constructions and shapes. Prototyping and being on top of the notch is a big part of our brands philosophy. Since day one we continuously collaborate with local artists who help us making our decks so unique. Every time we develop a new construction or reshape our models we ask an artist to design the whole collection.

Why not comprehend a skate shop as a gallery? Skateboards are the perfect platform to present art from the streets on the streets. Bastl Boards, founded in 2008, is indeed a family business and we will keep it this way. Longboard - Skateboard - Café

The Shredderei in Leipzig

A place to chill, skate, drink a beer or just have a good time. Located in Leipzig-Lindenau, Shredderei is surrounded by various artists and art forms. You will catch the vibe once you are here. Apart from having a skate shop we also run a cosy café. Our delicious locally roasted Bastl Beans can be enjoyed inside our heartwarming shop where you also can listen to the finest vinyls brought to you by our friends from Jamaican Underground.

You're always warmly welcome! Opening: Tuesday - Saturday 12.00 - 18.00


With this new collection we‘re going to conquer new paths in longboard design. Back to the roots - back to custom and handmade! We‘ve kept the shapes almost identical to the last collection, but changed the constrcution to fibresglass, carbon fibre and bamboo, with an ash finish.

That way the boards are lighter and sturdier than ever before. But the real revolution is in the printing of the graphics and the design of the boards.

Shop the new collection now and design your own board!

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